Top 10 FL Surf Spots… According to the Locals


1- Sebastian Inlet

My favorite break is Sebastian Inlet, I love the way the wave breaks! – Logan Hayes

Photo : Jared Blais


2- RC’s- It’s always at least a foot bigger at RC’S. It’s a great spot to get barrelled- Brett Davidson

3- Ponce Inlet

The inlet magnifies the swell and blocks south winds really well so it stays cleaner. – David Pritzker

4- High Tower Beach

I love High Tower because it’s great for shortboarding and longboarding. When there’s a swell the waves are pumping and consistent. – Ashley Davis

5- Perkins

I love Perkins it’s where I met Ricky Carroll! – Abby Yates

6- The Cocoa Beach Pier

It’s a good longboard break and all of my friends surf there – Christy Davidson

7-  Playa Linda

Playa Linda is the best spot for a north swell! Waves are fun and plenty of space for everyone to get some- Dante Pasalodos

8- Spanish House

It barrels better than anywhere around here if you are willing to fight the crowds– Dylan Eggers

9-South Beach

Even though it’s flat the majority of the time, when we get a hurricane swell the waves are firing!- Robert Jones

Photo: Jacob Strahalo

10- Reef Road

If you can find a parking spot this break is well worth it. I love the long fast rides I get at Reef Road. – Adam Mooris


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