Gavin and Logan Coluccio- Twin Groms

Written By: Aaron Conti

I had the privilege of interviewing Gavin and Logan Coluccio a few weeks back in New Smyrna. The whole family was there, and they were all super chill and laid back. Their dad Zach was very helpful, filling in the details, but mostly just let them speak for themselves. It was really neat. We met at the Flagler Ave boardwalk in the sunset, and everything in the whole scene was surreal and distracting –which only seemed to help pull my perspective into what it must be like for a couple groms their age. You got the whole surf world at your fingertips…even being on CJ’s surf team? Gosh, what’s that like for a 12-year old? Here’s what I found out:

SLM: Sponsors?

G & L: Salty Crew, Lopez Surfboards, FCS, Native Eyewear, Xcel Wetsuits, Surfscreen Organics.

SLM: How old are you guys?

G & L: 12

When/where were you guys born?

Logan: December 2004

Gavin:  Flagler Beach

SLM: How long have you been surfing?

Gavin: 2-1/2 years

Logan: He’s been surfing 2-1/2 years, I’ve been surfing like, 2.

SLM: What does surfing mean to you?

Logan: It’s super fun, like when you’re having a good day to get out in the water

Gavin: Surfing to me, it’s just super fun, like when you’re having a really bad day, to go out with your friends

SLM: You guys really are twins, huh?

G & L: –both laugh–

SLM: What kind of future surf plans do you have?

Gavin: My future surf plans are to become a pro surfer, and like, live in Hawaii, and have a house right on the beach

Logan: Mine is to make the World Tour and then live somewhere with a house right on the beach and make a surf company

SLM: What kind of surf company?

Logan: Like, shaping boards, and clothes, and a bunch of surf stuff

SLM: What kind of boards do you ride?

Gavin: We ride Lopez Surfboards shaped by local legend Shea Lopez.  Shea is an amazing shaper with such a wealth of knowledge. Aside from shaping us awesome surfboards Shea comes down to the contests to give us coaching and advice on our surfing. He’s truly out there for the groms.

SLM: What’s it like being twins?

Gavin: We always have someone to surf with. We push each other, and call each other out on our mistakes. That pushes us to get better. We are very competitive with each other and that breeds the drive to take our surfing to new levels.

Logan: We have very different styles of surfing, one of us is goofy and the other is regular. One of us is left handed and one of us is right handed. Gavin is definitely looking for that big air section and I’m out for that perfect barrel.

SLM: Favorite surf maneuver?

Gavin: My favorite surf maneuver is big airs

Logan: Barrels

SLM: When there’s no surf, what do you do?

Gavin: We either skate, or fish


SLM: Any favorite surfers who inspire you?

Logan: John John, and my parents, and CJ Hobgood

Gavin: …and Shea Lopez

SLM: Any other cool stuff you’d want to mention?

Logan: It was our dream to surf for Salty Crew. The Salty Crew brand is so encompassing of what a true watermen is and what we aspire to be. S-A-L-T-Y: Salvaging A Lifestyle for Tomorrows Youth.  CJ Hobgood is definitely one of our idols that we look up too, especially being twins from Florida. He’s such a humble and awesome surfer. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors and our parents for giving us the opportunity to make our dreams possible. A big thank you to: CJ Hobgood, Shea Lopez, Ron Long, Nelson Oduber, Terry Claudio and Randy Nolan.

Neat stuff! Hope to see these two on the QS in the next few years…And Logan; I wanna try one of your boards when you have your own surf company. Chase those dreams, guys!  -Swell Life


  • Fun interview to read. They sound like great kiddos!

    Jennifer Smith,

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