Kollin Boyett– age 5   “I have fun surfing, I feel like I am flying!”

Stance: Goofy

Inspiration: “My Dad”




Maverick Boyett– age 8

“I love surfing!”

Fav surfer: Kelly Slater

Stance: Goofy





Kyler Coe– age 9

“For me, surfing is having a great time out in the water!”

Stance: Regular

Fav Surfers: CJ Hobgood, Kelly Slater





Aaron Conti– age 30

“Surfing from your heart and giving everything that you are in what you do is important, because what you do inspires others.”

Stance: Regular

Fav Surfers: Bianca Buitendag, Rob Machado, Dane Gudauskas


Abbie Yates- age 10

“Surfing means everything, it’s my life.”

Inspiration: Dad

Fav color: Teal





Keaton Billings- age 10

“I like to have fun when I’m out in the water”

Stance: Goofy

Advice for others: Don’t let anyone put you down



Abigail Costello
“When I’m on my board in the water I’m so happy I don’t know what I’d do without surfing”
Fav surfer:Sally fitz
My inspiration:Bethany Hamilton
Fav color:blue