By Kelby Lamb


  By: Gina Onori It takes a certain type of person to fearlessly drop into a massive wall of water. Surfers literally risk their lives while paddling relentlessly against strong currents and gliding on top of concrete reefs and solid rocks… knowing at any moment one wrong move could ruin their day. That’s why (typically …

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By Kelby Lamb

Conrad Carr Walks from New York to Florida to Help Save Animals

By: Gina Onori   Watch out Forrest Gump! Pro surfer Conrad Carr is moving mountains as he just walked 1,000 miles from New York to Florida. The 26-year-old partnered with Miley Cirus’s Happy Hippie Foundation and The Humane Society in an effort to raise money for animals effected by recent hurricanes. The idea for the …

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By Kelby Lamb

For Trace Brooks

Written By: Kellie Landi        Photos: Christy Andersen For Trace Brooks, a teenaged student with ASD, school can be an overwhelming environment, comprised of loud noises, fast-paced curriculums, and misunderstandings. Autism is similar to a flooding of senses, much like a glass overflowing. Everything in the surrounding area is amplified to such a …

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By Kelby Lamb


Written By: Ben Gravy       Photos By: Ryan Tomlinson There is something very special about surfing new waves. No matter how far you’ve traveled, how long it’s been since your last surf or how hard it was to make it to the beach, the moment you hit the water, it all makes sense. …


By Kelby Lamb

Escape Cocoa Beach

  Written By: Gina Onori Located in the Publix plaza on N Atlantic Ave in the heart of Cocoa Beach, Escape Cocoa Beach is the perfect go-to spot for date night, team building, or a fun night out with friends. There are 4 game rooms and each room is a real-life adventure where groups work together as …

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